About Us

Inertia IT Solution was incorporated in Year 2016, with the aim to help develop better and stable IT solution. Since then we have been working to delivering consistency.

Inertia IT Solution is working proficiently in certain areas as:

Projects of Inertia


Inertiaspeaks.com is the travel and reading blog for people who reads and loves to travel. This website has always been of great help to many readers.


Brainkosh.com is the underdevelopment project of Inertia IT Solution where, we are developing a tool which would help you earn while you learn.

Inertia Learnings

Inertia IT Solutions is know for its training capabilities in latest technologies like Python, PHP, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning.

Reach Us

Please contact us at below details:

Email: inertiagroups@gmail.com

mobile: +919412366166